Choices - 성공스낵


People have very high standards for how they want their work life to be. I said, "Look. If you can get your work life to be where you enjoy half of it, that will be amazing! Because very few people ever achieve that."

Everything comes with overhead. That's reality.
Everything comes with pieces that you don't like. You could be a supreme court justice and there's still going to be pieces of your job you don't like. Every job comes with pieces you don't like and we need to say, "That's part of it." You have to figure out how to set up your life in such a way that you can minimize the things (you don't like).

I think there are probably a lot of things but one of those you should always focus on is, "You should find something that you're passionate about to do." and that's not going to surprise anyone. It's a clear thing to do.

It's very hard.
But if you don't love your work, you're never going to be great at it.

The other thing I would suggest to any person is to really think about their 'choices'. Because I made this mistake too.

You can get very fixed on your gifts.
Everybody has gifts. And you have things that you didn't get gifted. Maybe you're extremely beautiful. Maybe you're extremely good at mathematics. There are a lot of things that you can be given. But those things can confuse you. Because they're not the things that you construct your life. It's your choices that construct your life. Not your gifts. You can celebrate your gifts. Be happy of them. But don't be proud of them. Because they're gifts. They were given to you. You didn't earn them. You can only be proud of the things you earn.

So as I got older, I started to realize I wasn't proud of my gifts. I was always good at school. School was always easy for me. I was always proud that I was a great student. I got A's in all my classes. I was good at math. all of that. And I thought that's who I was. But it's not true. Those are the things that are gifts.

What was hard for me is:
- Deciding to work hard.
- Deciding to use my gifts in certain ways.
- to challenge myself to do things that I didn't think I could do.
- to put myself in uncomfortable situations.

You can choose a life of ease and comfort.
or you can choose a life of service and adventure.

Which one of those when you're 90 years old are you going to be more proud of?

- Jeff Bezos